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ZF2- Series Heavy Duty

Ditch Bank Mower
  • ZF2-150   Cutting width 150 cm 
    (4'11")  Min. 60 HP

  • ZF2-180   Cutting width 180 cm 
    (5'11")   Min. 68 HP

  • ZF2-210   Cutting width 210 cm 
    (6'11")   Min. 75 HP

  • ZF2-240   Cutting width 240 cm 
    (7'11")   Min. 88 HP

Roadside Maintenance

Heavy duty drive

Drive to the flail rotor is transmitted through a 5-fold power belt, which is automatically kept at the right tension. A flexible coupler eliminates peak strokes on the drive system. Besides this the standard configuration includes a Waltersheid PTO shaft with overrunning clutch.

Hydraulic offset feature as standard

The articulation range of 155° (+90° to -65°) and the side-shift of 70 cm (27”) are hydraulically ajdustable.

A large deflection breakaway device ensures maximum protection when working around obstacles. 

Special "Perfect" flails

The 0,8 kg (1¾ lb) special flails with single cutting edges are fitted to the electronically balanced vibration-free flail rotor with heavy bolts and replaceable steel bushes.

For use under the toughest conditions, the ZF2 verge mower can be provided with 2,2 kg (5 lbs) universal flails at no extra cost.

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