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Superb Mowing Company 


Welcome to Superb Mowing Solutions, your go to place for your solar field and roadside maintenance equipment needs. We specialize in distributing our top-of-the-line solar field mowers and roadside mowers to businesses all over North America. We invite you to explore our site, and find out why we are the best Solar Energy Equipment Supplier in the industry, and have been such a dominating force in the North American market since started back in 2015.  

Superb Mowing Solutions is a division of Superb Horticulture.  The demand for innovative problem solving products for solar field maintenance has led us to start an independent company to better and fully service the solar maintenance industry.  We here at Superb took over the rights of importing and distribution of the VanWamel produced PerfectW brand of rotary mowers, flail mowers, and flail choppers back in 2005.  Before becoming the distributor of the line we were a dealer for the Perfect line for more than a decade.  It is because of this experience we are confident to fulfill our customers' needs.  Along with experience comes our commitment to stocking parts for any issues our clients encounter.  

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