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Superb Horticultures boasts an array of rotary mowers, flail mowers, and flail choppers.  If you have vegetation abatement issues we have mowing equipment to fit your need.

Solar Field Mowers
Solar field mowers

The Perfect swing arm mowers series RF have been developed to make mowing between and around fence posts and solar panels easier whilst avoiding damage to the obstacle.

Roadside & Ditchbank mowers

For the maintenance of roadside verges, embankments, ditch sides etc. Perfect designed two series of flail mowers with working widths from 150 to 240 cm (4'11" to 7'11") which have been especially designed to do this job, even under the toughest conditions.

Cable Rail and Guard Rail mower
Solo-swing mowers​​

The Perfect Solo-Swing is a swinging arm, driven by a hydraulic motor. It's simple but robust construction allows to automatically mow around trees, fences, posts, solar panels, etc. These swinging arms are available are suitable for attachment onto a rotary mower or flail mower. 

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